By: Andrey | August 17, 2017


  • Weekly 3 managers receive e-mails with Excel tables attachments
  • Attachments represent updates of data set
  • Managers had to process a lot of data in accordance of a complex algorithm and arrange it with their's table
  • Data sets contain noncompliances

Client's Goals:

  • Speed up routine procedures
  • Reduce number of errors
  • Save on payroll

What SW Root did?

  • Surveyed how managers process incoming tables
  • Developed algorithms to lessen data inconsistencies
  • Moved tables processing to Google Spreadsheets
  • Developed robot detaching tables, converting to Google Spreadsheets format, logging work and sending notifications
  • Developed another robot processing tables, logging work and sending notifications

Success elements

  • Table processing time reduced from 40 to 2 hours per month per manager
  • Estimated economy cut is $2134 per month per 3 managers
  • It took 3 weeks and client spent $1300


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