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Our staff are competent in  following technologies:

  • DHCP, DNS, NAT, proxy servers, VLAN, routing, fail-safety, link aggregation, IPsec, VPN, IPv6, etc.
  • Active Directory, Remote Desktop Services,  Windows Deployment Services, Windows Server Update Services, Microsoft Exchange, PowerShell, Microsoft SQL, T-SQL, OpenVPN, Apache, nginx, IIS, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.


Cloud Migration

An architectural and engineering company with 40 employees used outdated AutoCAD 2007 and outdated hardware. To avoid expences on hardware and  new licenses, the infrastructure was moved to the Amazon cloud services.

IP Telephony and CRM Integration

A law firm, specializing in car insurance, looked for opportunities to improve the quality of work. The organization kept losing some customer requests. Managers had no control tools.
We  implemented Asterisk telephony for tracking and recording calls and SugarCRM for marketing and control needs. We also integrated these systems.

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