IT services for IT companies

Our IT support principles

Our priorities in maintenance are security, risk reduction, issue prevention and transparency.

Support Architecture

We use our own severs to build protected point-to-point channels without external providers. On your request we can also use your IT support solution for access to clients.

Change management

We apply project management approaches before any significant change in IT infrastructure. We prepare change and recovery plans in advance.

System monitoring and action

We monitor and control all the planned operations, software and hardware events via preset control points. We use Zabix technologies.
Subscription plan includes monitoring of availability, load, configuration changes, collection of statistical averages for network devices. It also includes monitoring of Windows servers availability, load and logged events. For Linux servers it includes tracking of configuration changes, events, load and availability.


We aim at making our work transparent. The client is informed about the planned and fulfilled jobs through the client panel.

Form of contracts

According to your needs you can choose from the four forms of contracts that we offer.

  • By the hour
  • Fixed-price
  • Subscription
  • Outstaffing
By the hour

  • for once-only jobs, for projects fulfillment
  • starting from 12

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