GET powered with Google techs

and our expertise.

Out-of-the-box, by proficient software engineers.

typical use cases

Modifying business processes with up-to-date digitalizing approaches

Custom Browser Extension

Google Chrome extension, Firefox, Safari

Integrations with any apps, like CRM, ordering management systems etc.

Google Calendar Add-on

Build your functionality within Google Calendar

Google sheets Add-on

Extend Google Sheets with new functionality

Google Drive Add-on

Bring your idea to Google Drive app

Custom formulas for Sheets, scripts for Gmail, Calendar etc.

Collecting, preparing and visualising metrics 

Managing IT and DevOps for Google Cloud Platform and more

Custom web application hosted on Google Cloud

Collecting, preparing and visualising metrics 

Enabling collaboration in Google sheets and converting old VBA scripts 

Focused to work with Google technologies

other techs we frequently work with

Cloud Platform

Cloud Storage